Indianapolis is a great place to live, but that doesn’t mean it is an easy place to sell a home.

As a matter of fact, it means that homeowners are doing all that they can to help their homes stand out against the competition.

Selling a home in this kind of market can be a good way to make money, but only if you have a lot of money to pour into the property.

The house will need to have the latest design features, the most modern appliances, elegant landscaping, and the best real estate agents in the market.

But what if you are stuck with a house that you just can’t sell? Or maybe you don’t have the time or money to invest in making a property the best in the world.

Cash for Houses Indianapolis – Simple Quarters

Believe it or not, there are a lot of homeowners in the very same situation. They feel stuck with unwanted properties and they don’t have the funding needed to keep up with the competition.

That’s where we come into play.


We Buy Indianapolis Houses For Cash

Every day, we talk to homeowners who are more than eager to get rid of their properties as quickly as possible. They often have multiple homes and one of those homes is serving little or no purpose.

They may have purchased it in hopes of beating the real estate game or they may have inherited it from a relative.

But at some point, they realized that the home is costing them more than it is worth. We help those homeowners by making them a fair cash offer for their properties.

Are they going to make a big profit from the sale? Probably not if they had purchased the home themselves.

We offer very fair and competitive offers for homes, but the offer is typically slightly below the market value.

This gives us an opportunity to benefit from this venture as well. But then you may be wondering how you can benefit when we buy Indianapolis houses.


1. You Stop Losing Money

Most homeowners with multiple houses in Indianapolis are losing more money than they are making from the second house.

Unless the home is being rented by tenants, then it is racking up expenses every month without providing any benefit.

You may be paying for taxes, mortgage payments, or utilities if you are trying to sell the property. You can escape all of those fees as soon as you close the deal on a cash offer.


2. You Make Fast Money

When we buy Indianapolis houses we do it quickly. It’s just the nature of the business. We understand that people want cash fast.

That’s why they are turning to us instead of waiting years for the house to sell on the real estate market.

We can have a deal closed in as little as seven days in most cases.
It’s simply impossible to make money that fast-selling a home any other way.


3. There’s No Need For Repairs

Some homeowners never get around to putting their homes on the market because they are in need of serious repairs. Those repairs cost a lot of money out of pocket.

But you don’t need to worry about repairs when selling your house to us. We buy Indianapolis houses as-is without the need for any staging, curb appeal, landscaping, or repairs.

Indianapolis Housebuyers – Simple Quarters Here To Help!

Are you tired of dealing with a failing property? Do you want to get cash for an Indianapolis house as soon as possible?

Fret not because there is a solution. Pick up the phone and call our office today to discuss your options.

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