We Buy Houses Indianapolis USA

If you are planning to sell your house for quick cash,
you have come to the right place.

We buy houses Indianapolis at the current market prices. Here at Simple Quarters, we take pride in the service we offer our customers in Indianapolis.

If you are in any sort of financial difficulty, want to avoid foreclosure or on the verge of bankruptcy, you may need immediate cash for your house.

Taking the traditional route of selling your home through a real estate agent isn’t the best solution under such circumstances.

You need immediate cash to solve your financial problems. That’s where a real estate investment company like Simple Quarters comes in. Here is why you need to sell your home to use for immediate cash.

A cash sale is much faster than having to wait for an offer hoping that everything goes well with the sale.

If you decide to sell your home through a real estate agent, you need to renovate the house, stage it for potential buyers, and wait for the right buyer to close the deal.

The process can take from 6 months to 1-year depending on the market and the condition of your property. A cash sale doesn’t take so much time to close the deal.

If you agree with the price we offer, we can close the deal in 2-7 days. You don’t have to spend money on renovations or repairs when selling the house to Simple Quarters. We buy your home as is.


Even if you live in a bad neighborhood,
it doesn’t matter to us.

We will buy your home under any condition in any neighborhood. That’s why you need to call us when selling your home for fast cash.

We have highly experienced staff who will visit your home and evaluate the property before making an irresistible offer. If you agree to the offer we make, we can close the deal within 2-7 days.

Selling through a real estate agent involves a 6-10% commission. That’s a lot of money. In fact, the higher the price of your property is, the higher the commission will be.

We don’t charge any money for buying your property. You save money by selling it to a real estate investment company like us.

We will take care of all the legal paperwork of the sale. You don’t have to worry about any paperwork when you sell the house to us.

You can relax and plan your next move while we take care of the legal and paperwork of the sale. That’s why you should consider selling your home to a real estate investment company like Simple Quarters.

We are one of the best real estate investment companies in Indianapolis. Simple Quarters has been buying unwanted properties in Indianapolis from 2007.

In fact, our team has helped hundreds of homeowners in the area to get rid of their headache homes. We create the best “win-win” scenarios for both the customer and the company. We buy houses Indianapolis as is.

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