We Buy Houses Indianapolis – Things To Look For In A Real Estate Investor

Selling a house in Indianapolis isn’t what it used to be – today, you can now sell your much faster. Real estate investors such as Simple Quarters have made life easier for homeowners throughout the city.

You can sell you Indianapolis house quickly even within a week. And what’s more impressive is that you no longer have to concern yourself with renovations, repairs and curb appeal since we buy houses Indianapolis as-is.

Just provide us with your information on the form provided or call our experts and voila! You receive an offer for your property, and everyone’s happy.

Of course, that will all happen if you work with reputable real estate investors. Now, you’re likely confused about how to choose a real estate investor.

That’s why we have listed things to look for when selecting a real estate investor in Indianapolis.


Years Of Experience

Never overlook reviewing your prospective buyer’s experience.

Before you decide which real estate investor should buy your house, find out how long they have been buying Indianapolis houses as well as the number of properties they have purchased.

Knowing the level of experience allows you to learn why a company is uniquely suited to buy your home.

In particular, work with an investor who has demonstrated that they can actually put their experience to good use and present you with the best offer for your property.

At Simple Quarters, we take pride in our many years(8 years) of experience in real estate. Over the years we have worked with plenty of homeowners in Indianapolis.

Read our Testimonial page to see what other homeowners like yourself have to say about Simple Quarters.


The Process & The Speed

The other thing you must look for when looking for a trustworthy real estate investor is their process as well as the speed.

How long does the investor take to get to your property? How about closing the deal? Is the selling process lengthy? At Simple Quarters, we buy houses Indianapolis super fast. Also, our process is quite straightforward.

Tell us a little about yourself and your property and will send experts to inspect your property and present you with a fair cash offer.

Accept the offer and get paid! Selling your Indianapolis house to us is as easy as it gets.


Fees & Funds

we buy houses in indianapolisTry to look into whether the real estate investor will ask for commissions or if they have hidden fees or charges.

Also, do some digging regarding the investors funding.

Are they in a position to purchase your house for cash without any financial hassles?

When you sell your Indianapolis home to us, you never have to worry about lack of funds or fees or commission.

We will buy your house without charging any commission, and we always have the money needed to purchase your property for cash. So, there are zero fees, and you get paid in cash! We can even buy your home today!

The right real estate investor can save you time, effort and of course, help you achieve your financial goals. So call us for an offer!


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