We Buy Homes Indiana – How To Prep Your Home To Sell In Less Than A Month

Selling a house fast in Indiana boils down to how you price your home as well as the timing.

However, an essential part of the equation depends on how you prepare. So what measure have you taken in preparation for selling your home?

According to recent surveys, homeowners spend up to $30,000 on renovations when preparing to sell. How much have you set aside to help you prepare your house before you sell?

To make sure your home is ready to sell, you should consider preparing as early as five months before you contact a real estate agent or list your home.

Here are tips on how you can spruce up your home and convince buyers to sign their check books.


Depersonalize Your Home

When you’ve spent a significant part of your life in your house, it can be challenging to let go.

However, if you want to sell in as little as a month, then you need to set aside your emotions and get down to getting your Indiana home ready for the sale.

Pack personal items, such as family photographs. Depersonalizing should also include getting rid of clutter and junk.

Get rid of the old couch you love so much because no buyer will be interested in how much history you have with your sofa.



No one is suggesting that you’re not a clean person. However, when you want to sell your home quickly in Indiana, cleaning your house should go beyond your typical weekly cleaning.

You might also want to hire professionals to make your home sparkle. Buyers are drawn in by a clean home because they convince themselves that the house will always have the same look even after they move in.

Pay attention to hard to reach areas such as the ceiling, corners, inside kitchen cabinets and air out musty spots.


Make Minor Repairs

Preparing your home for sale shouldn’t cost you all your savings. However, the repairs needed will depend on the condition of the house.

So, if there aren’t many issues with the house, then minor repairs should suffice. Consider repainting all the walls with neutral colors, fix broken doors and make sure the everything in the bathroom works.

Have a list of repairs to prevent you from going overboard and making unnecessary upgrades everywhere.


Don’t Forget To Work On The Curb Appeal

There is a high probability that your sale is toast if you can’t work on curb appeal.

First impressions are as crucial for houses as they are for people.

If you want to sell your home in less than thirty days, then you must scrutinize curb appeal.

Make sure your front yard is neatly mowed, replace the garage door and the driveway.

At Simple Quarters, you don’t have to sell in thirty days. We buy homes Indiana, and you can sell within ten days!

When you sell to us, there’s no competition.

We buy homes Indiana and are interested in making an offer for your home as well. Now that you know that you don’t have to prepare your house for sale, it’s time you call us!

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