Top Benefits of Selling To Homebuyers in Indianapolis


Do you want to sell your home quick? You can always choose the traditional method of listing the property with a real estate agent, but if you have a limited window period to sell, need quick money and want to get the highest value when selling your property, it may not be a viable option.
Of course, using a realtor could prove beneficial if you have time on your hands and are comfortable with the entire process. However, if you are crunched for time, homebuyers in Indianapolis are here to help.

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy by selling your property to us:

We Pay Cash

At Simple Quarters, we have developed a model that enables us to pay you cash straight from our pockets. If you accept our offer, you will receive cash, or check payment on the date of closing.
There are numerous reasons you may want instant cash and selling through the traditional means won’t help you get it any quicker.

Most home buyers use bank financing to buy property, which usually takes months to complete.
Also, a traditional buyer might back out at the last minute, and if you need to move and or are struggling financially, this can add to the already existing stress.

Avoid Foreclosure

Is the bank threatening to repossess your house? Have you been getting foreclosure notices regularly? If that’s the case, selling to us might be the most viable solution.
We not only purchase homes as is, but we pay in cash once you sign the offer acceptance contract. If you want to remain in your home, we can also take over the mortgage payment and allow you to rent.


Quick Sell

Our primary goal is to give our clients a seamless selling experience. We aim at helping homeowners in Indianapolis solve their property problems in the shortest time possible.
When you contact us, you will get an offer within 24 hours. You won’t have to wait around twirling your thumbs, being optimistic that an open house will help sell your property.
Just call us whenever you want and will come and assess your home, and make an offer on the spot. You can choose to accept it or decline, but generally, you’ll receive a quick offer.

We Buy Homes As-Is

One of the best reasons to sell to homebuyers in Indianapolis is that we purchase homes on an ‘As-Is’ basis.
This basically means that we are going to buy the property regardless of its condition, on a date that you agree to the offer and terms that we present.

So, if your ceiling is caving in, the foundation is compromised, and other repairs need to be done, we will not ask you to cover the expenses of these things.
Moreover, you do not have to pay an inspection company to assess the condition of the house prior to the sale, which is a common thing in the traditional selling methods.
Also, if there are credit issues, liens, and other legal problems, Simple Quarters will still buy the property, which can relieve you of many problems.

If you want to sell your home quickly and or are in need of instant, cash, contact us today for a quick offer!

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