Sell My House Indianapolis- Reasons To Sell For Cash

There’s a huge mismatch in the real estate industry. Homeowners have numerous different reasons for selling their property, but in reality, just have three avenues for accomplishing that.
There might be a fourth, depending on how you classify your options, but even though the avenues to sell a quite limited the strategies can vary significantly.

You can either sell with the help of a real estate agent, privately in an FSBO situation or sell to an individual investor/investment group. That is just about it, and it can be quite frustrating for most homeowners.

Now, you may call us biased, but here at Simple Quarters, we actually think that in most cases, you can get an excellent deal by dealing with an investment company or a real estate investor.
We can think of several good reasons, which we are going to discuss in this read.

No Repairs

You would not believe some of the repairs that homes require just so they can sell.
Realtors or real estate agents will usually tell you that you have to make even the tiny, most detailed spruce ups, in order to sell fast.
And you know what? They are usually right. They know their practice and if you want to sell your home, you have no choice but to make those small repairs.

Then we have the substantial ones such as roofing breaches, septic problems, foundation damage, etc. It is mandatory that you have these handled before you can sell.
Otherwise, a lending institution will not provide a buyer financing, even if you offer the property at a huge discount.

With cash home buyers, your question: how do I sell my house Indianapolis without covering repairs will be answered.
That’s because we buy on as-is condition, and handle the repairs after we close. It is no longer your concern, and you will just sell the property and move on with your life.

More Flexibility

While you have just three or four options when it comes to selling a home, we can offer more flexibility.
We are not a family looking to purchase and settle into a home, but an investment company that wants to earn a return. That simply means we are more willing to work with your particular situation.

Sell my house Indianapolis fast for cash reasons could be due to a divorce settlement and want to get out from an underwater mortgage.
Perhaps you are facing foreclosure or need to move as soon as possible due to work-related reasons.
This isn’t a one size fits all situation, but you can count on us to work out a solution that will get you the best deal in the shortest time possible.

You Can Pick The Closing Date

Another important way that Simple Quarters are flexible is that you get to choose the closing date, which is not usually the case when you work with a real estate agent.
That is the part of the contract and the seller will have the say on when to close. This can be a huge pain, particularly when you want to sell fast.

It is not an ideal position, but if you choose us, we can close whenever you wish. Want to close in one week? We can ascertain that even in such an aggressive timeline.
Want to close in several months? We can ideally work with you to accommodate that as well. Are there reasons to sell my house Indianapolis through agents?
Of course, there are. We are not that arrogant or biased to believe that everyone should sell to a private real estate investor.
However, we strongly believe that in most cases, you are better off with cash in hand up front, instead of a potentially huge amount after doing repairs and showing the house for months.
At the end of the day, it depends on your needs and circumstances. Regardless, keep in mind that we are always willing to work with you.

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