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Are you one of the many Indianapolis residents who has made the following statement or at least felt very similar?

The statement is this: “I would love to sell my house fast Indianapolis but it just isn’t a good market!” Trying to sell a home quickly in a tough market can be extremely frustrating.

The problem isn’t necessarily that the Indianapolis real estate market is terrible, but rather that it’s extremely competitive.

If a lot of people want to live in a specific area, then real estate investors will eventually catch onto this trend and begin buying and selling numerous properties in the area.

This makes it more difficult for the average homeowner to sell their home because they are competing with high-profile investors and companies that have a lot of money to throw at their properties.

Investors can buy and sell homes for a profit in a short period of time because they pay for all of the quickly pay for repairs, renovations, add-ons, landscaping, staging, and open house events.

This can cost them more than $10,000 for an average sized home. It may lower their overall profit margin for each house, but they buy and sell so many that it makes up for it in the long run.

Unfortunately, the average homeowner simply cannot keep up with this type of business. Throwing an extra $10,000 at a property just to sell it often isn’t an option.

What’s worse is that the expenses can be even higher for homeowners because they are paying off existing mortgages, taxes, insurance policies, and also trying to live their day-to-day lives.

It’s a frustrating and overwhelming endeavor, but there is a realistic solution.

We Buy Houses For Cash

If you are thinking, “I want to sell my house fast Indianapolis just doesn’t want to buy it.”, then perhaps the best solution is to leave the real estate market behind and work with our company: Simple Quarters.

Our company specializes in buying homes quickly for fair cash offers. We operate throughout all of Indianapolis and have many happy clients.

Speed is the key advantage of working with our business. Attempting to sell your home on the market could take years.

Even then, the eventual deal that you make could fall through before closing and then the process starts all over again.

In comparison, you can contact our office and then have your home sold within a week’s time. A lack of fees is the second key advantage of working with our business.

Remember all of the fees that are associated with selling a home on the real estate market? A few of them include repairs, renovations, landscaping, staging, and hosting an open house.

You won’t need to pay for any of those when you sell your home to us. We make a cash offer for your home as-is.

There’s no need to make any repairs, renovate any rooms, or even cut the grass!


A Simple Process – Simple Quarters House Buyers Indianapolis

We buy houses for cash in roughly five simple steps. First, you submit an online-form letting us know that you are interested in selling your property.

The form contains some basic information and takes only a few minutes to complete.

Our team will then contact you shortly afterward in a reply email or using the telephone.

We will then schedule a time to visit the property an assess the value. The third step is the inspection itself.

The inspection team will go through the property and use what they have learned to create a fair cash value that is delivered to you.

Step four is all about you. You’ll review the offer that was made and decide if you would like to accept. You’re welcome to deny the offer or make a counteroffer.

We’ll work with you and hopefully reach an acceptable conclusion for all parties involved. Finally, the last step is closing the deal.

This should only take a few days and then you’ll have the cash in your pocket.

If you’re still thinking, “I want to sell my house fast Indianapolis just isn’t a good market!”, then let us help by taking the market out of the equation.

Visit the Simple Quarters website today to fill out an online form and we can begin the process of buying your home for cash as soon as possible.

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