Sell House For Cash Today In Indianapolis

Do you want to sell your house but haven’t been able to find a buyer? You’re not alone.
There are thousands of homeowners, just like you, who have been waiting for months for some magic to happen and convert their piece of property into cash which they can spend.

However, the market has changed and you need to be proactive in order to sell house for cash.
There is extreme competition these days and the traditional process of listing your home with a real estate agent won’t get you anywhere, especially when you want to get cash today.

Welcome to Simple Quarters

Here at Simple Quarters, we believe in helping homeowners like you who have been tired of trying to sell their property using the traditional methods.
We have helped hundreds of homeowners sell house for cash in Indianapolis as well as the surrounding areas.

We have simplified the process to such an extent that you will have money in your bank account in just a few days instead of waiting for months.

When you sell your house to us, we won’t make you wait for months in order to make an offer. Instead, we will make you a cash offer in just a few days and close the deal, once you accept the offer, in weeks.

People need to sell house for cash for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, they are getting divorced and need to sell the property or they are moving to another state and want to sell their property or they simply do not have enough money for repairs or for some other reason.
People try their luck with the traditional real estate agents but often get disillusioned when they do not get a serious offer even after waiting for a few months.

We are professional real estate investors. You do not need to worry about our line of credit as we have absolutely no need for outside financing.
We can assure you that if you choose to accept our offer, you will have cash in your pocket in a few days.

We won’t ask you to spend money on repairs or stage the property or do something else in order to make your house presentable.
As real estate investors with decades of experience in the industry, we understand how difficult it is for homeowners to convert their equity in the house into real hard cash.

We do not worry about missing fixtures or curb appeal or any other such thing. Whether your house is damaged by flood or needs extensive repairs, you have absolutely nothing to worry.
Just fill up the form on the front page and we will get in touch with you immediately.

Simple Process

Once you fill out the details on the online form, we will get to work right away and get in touch with you in just a few hours. Our team will visit your property and you are required to do absolutely no staging.
After the visit, we will make you a fair cash offer. This offer is not binding on you.

After receiving our offer, you will have time to review it and in case you agree, we will start the business of buying your property and hopefully, you will have cash in your pocket in just a few days.

So, give us a call today and convert that equity into cold hard cash that you can spend on whatever you want.

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