Five Top Indianapolis AttractionsIndianapolis can be found on the White River just about in the centre of Indiana. There is a myriad of attractions for both young and old – and families will find that there is something to delight all members. So here at Simple Quarters, we have put together 5 of the offices favourites!


Here are the five top Indianapolis attractions.

Five Top Indianapolis Attraction1. The Indianapolis 500.

If there is one event that has put Indianapolis on the map it is the iconic Indy 500. The race, which is run on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is one of only three to take place at that venue each year.

The others bring the ‘Brickyard 400 NASCAR Race‘ and the ‘Red Bull Indianapolis GP.’ The initial 500-mile race was run in 1911 – on a surface made of bricks.

Those bricks can still be found in the run-up to the finishing line. Today the raceway can accommodate a total of 400,000 people in the stands and on the ground.

This is a high adrenaline spectacle for the whole family and especially for those with an interest in motorsport.


Five Top Indianapolis Attraction

2. White River State Park.

For those who want to escape the stresses of modern day life, a trip to the Park is highly recommended. Situated in downtown Indianapolis it is a haven from the everyday hustle and bustle of the city.

Visitors can enjoy the Indianapolis Zoo, the State Museum and many other attractions – including some magnificent green spaces and a three-mile walk along the canal.


Five Top Indianapolis Attraction

3. The Indianapolis Museum of Art.

Situated in Newfields Park the museum consists of four separate attractions/pavilions. each of these is devoted to a specific type of art and historical period.

A visit to the museum provides a fascinating insight into many of the most famous works of art in the world.


Five Top Indianapolis Attraction

4. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

For the younger members of the family, a day out at this wonderful museum is packed with fun and educational opportunities.

The subject matter of exhibits range from transport, archaeology, science – and the ever-popular dinosaur exhibit is almost a hit with the kids.

Exhibits are presented as interactive attractions allowing the kids to really get under the subject matter. Adults will love the smiles of delight and the excitement of every child that takes in the museum experience.


Five Top Indianapolis Attraction

5. The Eagle Creek Park and Nature Preserve.

This is one of the most extensive municipal parks in the U.S. At 5,300 acres it’s hard to believe that you are still in the Indianapolis municipal area.

Not only are the opportunities for wildlife viewing spectacular – but the opportunity to go kayaking or enjoy other water sports is too attractive to resist.

Kids can enjoy playgrounds or the Tree Top adventure experience. There is also a 36 hole golf course to enjoy. These only the five top Indianapolis attractions, there are many more – ‘just Google’ for more.

The city is filled to the brim what things to do – from fine dining to great nightlife. But the opportunity for families to simply be together and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere is a highlight.

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