The Fast Process House Buying Companies Indianapolis Use

House buying companies Indianapolis are becoming increasingly popular. Here at Simple Quarters, we do our best to stay ahead of the competition so that we remain your preferred home buying company.
One of the ways we do this is through an expedited buying process. The entire process takes as few as six steps and can be completed in less than a month.

It Starts With Your Interest

It all begins with your interest in selling the house. This could be because of many different reasons. Some people want to sell a home because it’s suffered extensive damage.
We happened to specialize in serious damage repair. You can sell your damaged home to us as-is and we’ll handle all of the hard work of fixing it for the next buyer.

Some people have trouble making expensive payments on their homes. Maybe they bought the home when they were married, but now they are paying for it by themselves.
There’s no reason to remain stuck paying for a home they can’t afford. Simple Quarters will buy the house and put an end to those unwanted payments.

Whatever the reason may be, after you realize you’re interested in selling your house you visit our website and fill out a simple form.
It’s a fast and easy process. Our acquisition team will then respond to your form promptly.

Inspection and Offers

Steps 2 and 3 involve the work of the property inspection team. After speaking with them on the phone they will schedule an on-site visit to the property.
The closer you are to the Indianapolis Metropolitan area, the easier it will be to schedule a visit in the short-term future. We can inspect properties further away, but it may take a bit longer.

After completing the visit, the team will regroup at headquarters to complete step 3. This step involves assessing the property and creating a fair cash offer. We then deliver that offer to you as soon as it is generated.

Reviews, Negotiations, and Happy Customers

Step 4 is all about you. This is where you review the offer we have presented. It’s entirely up to you whether or not you accept the offer.
We will work with you through any negotiations as well. Our goal is to buy your home for a fair cash value.
If you think it is worth more than what we’ve offered, then we’ll discuss the possibility with you. Once you hear an offer that you like you can move to step 5, which is closing the deal.
We handle most of the paperwork here at Simple Quarters. We will create a purchase contract and should be able to close the deal within a few days.

Enjoy Your Money

Step 6 is you getting paid. We’re one of the best house buying companies Indianapolis has to offer because we work fast and provide fair offers.
We’ll work with you to reach an agreement and within a few days, you’ll have cash money in your pocket. It’s as simple as that.

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