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Meet The Simple Quarters Team

A Simple Solution For Distressed Property Ownership

Do you own a home that simply won’t sell? Are you a landlord that has a property that’s more of a headache than it is a source of income? Have you recently inherited a property that you don’t have time to deal with?

Here at Simple Quarters, we understand and as real estate investors, we can help. We’ll buy any property, in any condition, by giving you a full cash offer.

Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. Yes, we are real estate investors, however, here at Simple Quarters, we have gained a reputation for doing things differently. See, our number one priority is to honor God. We do this by making sure our sellers are treated fairly, honorably and served in a timely manner. If we commit to buying your home, we understand that our name and reputation are on the line. That means we don’t utilize gimmicks or play games in an effort to close deals. Instead, we serve you and will help you get rid of your unwanted property as quickly as possible.

Simple Quarter is a company owned by a real estate broker and is associated with Red Bridge Real Estate.

And again, we buy any house, in any condition, all cash. So, check us out!

Giving Back

As a business we believe that giving back is just one way we can also help those around the world…


We help transform lives for families around the world. Bringing clean water to communities in need.


We give to equip men and women through discipleship, biblically based training, savings services, and small loans

Our History

Simple Quarters has been in the business of buying unwanted property for over eight (8) years. Since 2007, we have helped hundreds of people get rid of their headache homes.

Brett Snodgrass, our founder and CEO, does business out of the pursuit of creating the best “win-win,” scenarios possible. He lives by the golden rule; to treat others as he himself would want to be treated. He personally knows the struggle of getting rid of an unwanted property and he knows how painful it can be dealing with an unethical and dishonest all-cash buyer.

That’s why, to this day, we do things differently…

Meet Our Team

Brett Snodgrass

Owner, CEO, and Managing Real Estate Broker

Alex Brant

Acquisitions, Growth, and Systems Director; Real Estate Broker

Gary Town

Closing Agent

Ronnie Reese

Acquisitions Manager

Nigel McGrill

Properties Manager and Video Specialist

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