If you have been trying to sell your home in Indianapolis with little to no success you should talk to us. You are probably wondering who ‘us’ refers to.

Well, we are Simple Quarters and we are real estate investors. We buy houses fast in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas and have helped many sellers living there.

Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should
Call Us and Sell Your Property to Us!

1. We Work Fast

buy houses fastWe understand that most sellers want everything to be concluded quickly. It can be frustrating and costly to have a home stuck on the market.

Fortunately, we never make people that sell to us wait around. If we decide to buy your property, we make an offer immediately. If you accept the offer, you will have your cash within a very short time.

2. It is Easy to Work with Us

It is not always easy to work with buyers especially when you sell via the traditional route. Most buyers take long to reach a decision. Others make unreasonable requests.

It can get quite frustrating. If you have been going through this or want to avoid having to endure that, you should consider selling your property to us.

3. We Make Reasonable Offers

If Simple Quarters makes an offer for your property, you can rest assured that it will be reasonable. If you contact us wishing to sell your property, we will come over and examine it.

Once this is done, we will make an offer in writing. You can look over our offer and decide whether or not to accept it. We make all offers in cash and every one of them is fair and reasonable.

4. You Are Never Under Obligation

If you get in touch with Simple Quarters, you are not obligated to accept our offer unless you would like to proceed. If you call us, you are not committing yourself to anything.

You are just asking us to look at your property and perhaps make an offer. You have all the power. If you are not satisfied without an offer, you can simply walk away from it all.

5. We Buy Houses in Any Condition

Real estate investors have earned a reputation for being needlessly picky. However, with Simple Quarters you never have to worry about that.

If you choose to work with us, you will have the opportunity to sell any property even if it needs some work.

You don’t have to make any repairs or renovations before selling to us, which also helps you save money in the transaction.

Final Thoughts

At Simple Quarters, we buy houses fast in Indianapolis and surrounding areas, and it is quite evident that there are plenty of good reasons why you should consider selling to us.

If you are trying to decide what to do with your property, you need to pick up the phone right now and call us. We will send one of our representatives to come and see it immediately and you can have an offer soon after.

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