basic facts about IndianaThere are many people who are aware of Indiana as far as it’s placed on the US map, but they have no idea about any particular facts about this locale.

Here at Simple Quarters, we wanted to give you some basic facts about Indiana that will give you a bit of insight.


facts about Indiana1. Abrahan Lincoln Lived There

We here at Simple Quarters are always glad to share our Indiana knowledge with others, and this is no exception.

One thing that distinguishes this place from others is the fact that it was once home to President Abraham Lincoln. His family moved to the state when he was just 7-years-old and spend most of his childhood there.


facts about Indiana

2. Indianapolis Wasn’t Always The Capital

While most people know that Indianapolis is the capital, were you aware that this was not always the case? When we have mentioned this to others, they are surprised to hear that it is just a runner-up in the US state Hall of Fame.

Other cities that once served as the capital are Corydon, which held this distinction for a little less than a decade, and Vincennes.


facts about Indiana

3. The State Flag

When it comes to basic facts about Indiana, you should be clear about the way that the state flag looks. While some states try to use some variation of the red, white and blue theme, this is not the case here at all.

The flag of this state is actually blue with yellow symbols. While the colors are not traditional, there are stars on the flag and 13 of them are there to represent the original 13 colonies. More flag information.


facts about Indiana

4. Cardinals Are The State Bird

As with several other states in the nation, the cardinal is the state bird. This red aviator is also the state bird of 6 other states.

With that said, we think that this is different in this particular case since you can actually find cardinals flying all over the state.

They are much easier to spot in the winter since the area is typically white and snowy and these birds are bright red in colour.


facts about Indiana

5. The State Song

On the Banks of the Wabash, Far Away is the official state song, It was written in the late 1800s and it was dedicated to a 14-year-old girl named Mary E. South.

The thing that makes this so interesting is the fact that the writer, Paul Dresser, never even met her. It is also good to note that he is native to the area and is from Terre Haute.

This is distinctive since some people who have penned state songs are not actually from the locations where the tunes are popular.

Every state has things that make it different from the others and that is why we decided to give you a little taste of Indiana.

While these may not be the most exciting facts in the world, they are good to know if you live in the area and/or you are one of those people who have an interest in historical facts about different states.

What is your favourite state fact?

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